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As a fourth-generation industry leader in heavy highway construction, asphalt manufacturing, and bridge construction, Ford Construction Company puts Safety at the forefront of every task from planning to completion.

Safety Team

We continually improve our processes, demonstrate leadership, and promote comprehensive proactive safety decisions as our company’s safety culture is vitally important. Employees at all levels must work diligently to execute the company’s policy of maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. This will ensure the continuous improvement of our company’s performance. Strictly adhering to all aspects of our safety program will result in our expectation of returning each and every employee home safely at the end of the day.

Having both strong safety culture and climate is vital in maintaining a successful safety program and contributes to the overall success of our company. Employees learn on their first day that safety and health are paramount to our success and integral to our company legacy.

Since the first Ford family-founded paving company in 1918, our safety culture and company legacy have always been rooted in our small-town values, work ethic, continuous improvement, and strong leadership.

Our Safety Awards

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  • 2019 - Tennessee Road Builders Association – Silver Safety Award
  • 2020 - Tennessee Road Builders Association – Gold Safety Award
  • 2021 - Tennessee Road Builders Association – Gold Safety Award

Our Safety Leadership

To lead safety well, you have to make it personal. People know when you’re going through the motions. If they don’t think you care about safety, why should they? Great safety leaders are forthright about their commitment to safety, and we are grateful for the professionals that lead our safety division.

The Safety Division of Ford Construction Company and our affiliated companies are led by a qualified and influential team of leaders that strive day in and day out to ensure the safety culture of our company is always evolving with an innovative approach.

  • Justin Jackson, Director of Safety
  • Justin Rickman, Safety Director of Field Operations
  • Christie Carroll, Assistant Safety Director/Claims Manager
Any Questions?

Any Questions?

If you have any more questions about our safety protocols or would like to work with us on a project, call us today. 

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