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Asphalt is a sustainable material for constructing pavements. From production to placement, to rehabilitation through recycling, Ford Construction Company’s asphalt production and placement operations minimize the impact on the environment.


Ford Construction Company reclaims and recycles over 80,000 tons of asphalt pavement every year. The United States asphalt industry as a whole reclaims approximately 65 million tons of asphalt pavement every year and 99% of the reclaimed material is reused and recycled. This makes our industry the number one recycler in America!

Cleaner Air

Low consumption of energy for production and construction, low emission of greenhouse gases, and conservation of natural resources help to make our asphalt the pavement of choice. Emissions from our asphalt plants, including greenhouse gases, are very low and well-controlled.

Water Management

Several types of asphalt pavement we produce provide relief from rainfall accumulation. The open-graded asphalt pavement produced by Ford Construction Company allows water to drain through the pavement surface, reducing the amount of splash and spray generated by vehicles on roadways. Similarly, porous asphalt pavement systems can replace impermeable surfaces for parking lots, roads, walking/bike paths, and other applications. Porous pavements can turn runoff into infiltration, restore or improve the hydrology of a site, and improve water quality through filtration.

We have managed to achieve sustainability throughout West Tennessee through recycling, helping keep our air cleaner, and providing effective water drainage, all while maximizing public safety.

Our Asphalt Pavements Help Maximize Public Safety

Public Safety

The asphalt pavements we produce have many safety advantages over other types of pavements. A few of these advantages include vehicle traction, storm water control, and noise reduction.

Vehicle Traction

Smooth pavements give vehicle tires superior contact with the roadway surface, improving roadway safety.

Water Control

Asphalt pavements can be designed to provide relief from rainfall accumulation. Our open-graded asphalt pavements allow water to drain through the pavement surface, reducing the amount of splash and spray generated by vehicles on roadways.

Noise Reduction

Asphalt pavements can help reduce traffic noise at the point where the wheel meets the road. According to a National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) report, quiet asphalt mix designs can reduce the need for expensive and unsightly sound barriers along roadways. Since low frequency noise, which can lead to driver fatigue, increases with roughness, smooth asphalt pavements benefit not only those who live near a road, but also those who drive on it.

Safety Standards

Safety Standards

Safety and sustainability are very important to us. Read more about our safety standards by clicking below. 

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